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2023-09-27 09:36

According to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine "about a 2015 national product quality supervision and spot check task arrangement will notice, national gas flow meter quality supervision and inspection center (hereinafter referred to as the center) access to the national supervision and spot check task. This is the first time the gas center, undertake the task national product quality supervision and spot checks. The gas center will be on July 1 - October 31, 40 batches of diaphragm gas meter quality supervision and spot checks.reliable performance and good service is well received by the customer.


After years of unremitting efforts, the company in practice has accumulated rich experience in design and production of construction, cultivate a group of hard working professionals. Companies adhere to the "integrity as a fundamental, science and technology as the forerunner, the quality strives for perfection" the management philosophy, has a strict quality assurance system and efficient marketing services network, sincerely with customers to establish friendly win-win partnership, carry out extensive cooperation sincerely.


In the face of rapid social change, the rapid development of high and new technology, fierce competition of knowledge era, the company all staff has always been to "aggressive, pragmatic and innovative" spirit of enterprise constantly push and encourage myself, relying on scientific and technological innovation, constantly to the customers with high and new, sharp measurement test and production testing equipment, to join hands in creating a better future...