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Gravimetric Method water mete test bench DN15-DN25




Product Description

Main features of the device

1. Device use: applicable to the static pressure, indicating error, reverse flow and static magnetic field of each flow point of cold water meter of DN15, DN20 and DN25 specifications;

2. The measurement and control system of the device is composed of the upper and lower parts. The upper part adopts commercial PC and the lower part adopts Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC). It has the characteristics of simple and clear logic structure, stable and reliable electrical performance, and excellent expansibility and maintainability in later stage.

3. The detected value is collected by an intelligent terminal, a 10 million pixel Vivo-branded mobile phone. All intelligent terminals on the device are synchronously triggered by the commutator pulse signal, which ensures the accuracy of sampling of the detected representation value and avoids the error caused by the delay triggered by software. Water meter automatic reading: camera method, reserved pulse input interface, communication input interface.

4. Reserve the pulse or communication interface for expanding the verification of ultrasonic or other smart water meters, which can be expanded later according to the needs of customers.

5. The key components of the device are selected from internationally famous brands to ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the device.

6. The device bench and weighing table are made of industrial aluminum profiles and stainless steel, which are beautiful and durable.

7. Test function requirements: meet the test requirements of water meter type evaluation Q1-Q4 flow point, can automatically achieve flow regulation, automatic execution of the test process, and form an electronic original record.

8. The use of Siemens PLC control system, excellent electrical performance and stability, modular structure makes maintenance fast and simple, to ensure efficient and continuous operation of the equipment, to minimize the loss of equipment stop operation to users;

9. The verification application software is developed by the "LabVIEW graphical programming platform", which is widely used in the field of data acquisition and instrument control and is praised by industry, academia and research laboratories. It has the characteristics of clear and beautiful interface, easy operation, etc. With custom verification process and parameters, original data (such as the detected value, medium temperature, density, verification pipeline upstream and downstream pressure, electronic scale reading, standard volume, verification date and time, the detected value error, etc.) complete, record query and report output, data online and other functions. Computer control software: The whole system realizes automatic detection under the control of testing software. The interface of the test software is clear and beautiful, and the operation is simple. The original record can be automatically generated and printed. The original record should contain water temperature, water pressure, ambient temperature and humidity, test time and other information. Data can be saved and exported at any time.

Main technical index

1. Device accuracy level: 0.2. (Certificate issued by the metrological verification department above the provincial level)

2. Measuring range: Caliber: DN (15 ~ 25); Flow rate: (0.004 ~ 8) m³/h; Water temperature: (20±5) ℃.

3. The device adopts weighing method, can be reversed, can be started and stopped;

4. Main standard: choose Inteco brand;

Electronic scale (30kg, rated index value 1/6000, integrated single weighing platform);

Electronic scale (150kg, verification index value 1/7500, integrated single weighing platform);

5. Electromagnetic flowmeter: two, flow range: (0.004 ~ 8) m³/h, accuracy level: 0.5; (Yokogawa EJA Brand)

6. Temperature sensor: Temperature range: (0~50) ℃, maximum allowable error: ±0.2℃; (German Jiumao brand)

7. Pressure sensor: pressure range: (0 ~ 1.6) MPa, accuracy level: 1.6; (German Jiumao brand)

8. Condensing unit: cooling water: according to the water tank and pipe to determine, water temperature control range: (20±5) ℃, cooling speed: 5℃/h.

9. Inspected specifications: DN15, DN20, DN25 cold water meter.

10. Quantity of inspected tables: 3 sets can be installed in series or a single set, and the spacing of test pipe sections can meet 10D.

11. Reserved pulse input interface, communication input interface; Equipped with a camera (intelligent terminal) for pulse acquisition of the water meter pointer (3 water meters can be simultaneously collected and tested); The start-stop method can also use the camera for reading (pictures are saved in real time for later check and verification).

12. The device control system can automatically adjust the flow, automatically switch the flow point and test.

13. The device control software can automatically generate and print the original record, which should contain water temperature, water pressure, ambient temperature and humidity, test time and other information; Data can be saved and exported at any time.

14. The equipment shall provide the traceability certificate of the device issued by the measurement department at or above the provincial level.

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