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Water meter durability test device



Water meter durability test device

Product Description

The MJ3511-06 water meter durability test device is used for the life reliability performance test of the newly developed water meter, which can realize 100,000 intermittent tests under the common flow rate of Q3 and 100 hours continuous wear test under the overload flow rate of Q4. The performance of the device meets the requirements of durability test of water meters in JJF1777-2019 "Drinking cold Water meter Type Evaluation Outline" and GB/T 778-2018 "Drinking cold water meter and hot water meter". The device can meet the requirements of DN15-DN25 caliber cold water meter in series with 6 meters at the same time, and the device software can realize the automatic reading and recording of the water meter upstream and downstream water pressure, water temperature upstream of the water meter, the duration of the four stages of the cycle in the intermittent test, the number of cycles (cycle number), the total test duration, the flow through the water meter, the reading of the test water meter and other parameters. And can achieve the original record output. The device provides a reliable technical means for enterprises to develop new water meter products.

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