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Bell Gas Flow Standard Test Bench



PVTt gas flow standard device

Product Description

The PVTt gas flow standard equipment is a standard device for indirect measurement of gas mass flow. It has a volume of fixed standard container, when the gas flow into the standard container at a certain flow, where the gas quality will change. The mass flow rate of the gas inflow can be calculated by measuring the change in the gas thermodynamic temperature T and the absolute pressure P in the standard container (volume V) over a certain period of time t. The device has the characteristics of simple structure and high accuracy.



Main Technical 

1. Accuracy: ≤0.05%

2. Flow range: 0.016-1300m3/h

3. Pressure sensor accuracy: ≤ 0.01%.

4. Temperature sensor accuracy: ≤ 5mK.

5. Timer accuracy: ≤ 0.01%.

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