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Measure Unit Leakage Test Bench


Gas meter movement sealing test device

Product Description

Leakage test bench for gas meter measuring part is ideal device to check airproof of measuring unit of gas meter, the test bench is designed as per gas meter production crafts and testing requirements, adopting imported pneumatic components and accurate sensors. It is an ideal testing device to be used in production line for gas meter manufacturer


Main Function 

1. Test bench is consisted of 2 independent automatic double-cavity testing units, which can test 2pcs gas meters simultaneously, it is high efficient;

2. Test bench adopts single chip microcomputer, high accurate A/D converter and accurate sensor technology, the testing results are intuitionistic and reliable;

3. The vacuum value for cavity of tested meter can be adjusted by adjusting-button and accurate pressure-reducing valve; testing time, result limit can be set by keyboard and be kept, test bench has data-save function when power is cut off;

4. Testing procedures consist 3 steps, first step is to test all cavities of gas meter, the last 2 steps are to check turns of valve cover moving by stepping motor, the testing process is controlled by single chip microcomputer, and test results are displayed by relevant LED;


Mail specification 

1. Senor range: 0~1000Pa, resolution: 1Pa;

2. Vacuum value range: 0~500Pa;

3. Testing time range: 0~99s;

4. Angle of stepping motor: 0~360° 

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