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Sonic Nozzle Gas Meter Test Bench G6-G100



Sonic nozzle type gas meter test device

Product Description

Sonic Nozzle Gas meter test bench G6-G100 is an automatic equipment to test diaphragm gas meter, the flow range 0.06m3/h~160m3/h, the method of standard device is sonic nozzle, following international standards OIML R137. The test bench can test flow rate Qmax, 0.2Qmax and Qmin of gas meter G6-G100.



1. Accuracy : ≤0.5%,  ≤0.3% (optional)

2. Tested meters: G6, G10, G16, G25 (4pcs), G40, G65, G100 (1pc)

3. Flow stability: ≤0.1%

4. Manometer accuracy: ≤0.2%; 

thermometer accuracy: ≤0.5%; 

hygrometer: ≤3.5%

5. Working condition: 

environment temperature: 20℃±5℃

relevant humidity: 60%~70%

atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

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